Missing Permit, Now What?

If you did not obtain a building permit for a project, you will need to obtain an After the Fact Permit to bring the project up to current code. The permit process will be based on the situation and the scope of work and will include the following steps:

  1. Obtain a General Land Use Checklist and After the Fact Memo stating requirements from the Building Department.
  2. Prepare drawings detailing the work involved.
  3. Contact necessary subcontractors for verification letters.
  4. Obtain microfiche records from Building Department or bring a copy of survey and septic drawings.
  5. Complete the permitting process (which will indicate the appropriate departments from which you will need approval.)
  6. After receiving required approvals from Town  departments, submit completed application with all required material to the Building Department for review. Building Department will notify of any remaining items required on the plans.  
  7. Once the review is complete, Building Department will request sign off and payment on the application.
  8. A permit will be issued within a week after everything is complete.
  9. The Building Department will schedule an inspection typically within a few days.
  10. If your project passes the inspection, a Certificate of Occupancy will then be issued within a week.

Please contact the Building Department (203) 563‐0177 for more information.