FY2023 Annual Budget and Town Meeting

The purpose of this page is to provide the public with information related to the development of the FY2023 proposed budget, mill rate and bond referendums.  The Annual Town Meeting was held on Tuesday, May 3rd. You can watch the meeting video here.  Voting immediately follows and on Saturday, May 7th from 8:00am to 6:00pm at the Clune Center.

Annual Town Meeting Documents

Notice of Annual Town Meeting

Video Recording of May 3rd Annual Town Meeting

Proposed Mill Rate Calculation

Board of Selectmen Budget Presentation 

Proposed Board of Selectmen Budget

Proposed Board of Education Budget

Annual Town Meeting Bonding Requests Presentation

Comprehensive Video Presentation of the Proposed New Police Headquarters

Repository of All Information and Work Leading to the Police Headquarters Proposal, including a Quick Guide to get up to speed for those with limited time. 


Board of Education Budget Development

Board of Education approved budget submitted to the Board of Finance

Board of Selectmen Budget Development

Board of Selectmen Budget Presentation-Public Hearing

Board of Finance Questions on the Board of Selectmen Submitted Budget with Answers-as of March 15, 2022

Board of Selectmen Approved Proposed Budget Submission to the Board of Finance-as of February 28, 2022.

First Selectwoman's Revised Proposed Budget as of February 22, 2022. 

First Selectwoman's Initial Proposed Budget as of February 7, 2022.  Subsequently reduced as of February 22, 2022

February 7th Overview Budget Presentation-begins at 4:20

Police Department Staffing Presentation

Board of Selectmen Questions:  Josh Cole, Kim Healy-Part 1, Kim Healy-Part 2, Ross Tartell-Part 1, Ross Tartell-Part 2

Board of Finance Mill Rate Development

Projected mill rate calculation as of March 5, 2022

Projected mill rate calculation as of February 22, 2022

Projected mill rate calculation as of February 8, 2022

Projected mill rate calculation as of December 8, 2021