Demolition Delay

The purpose of the Ordinance Concerning Stay of Demolition of Historic Buildings is to provide public notice of the intent to demolish a building, structure or part thereof, more than fifty (50) years old, or in other ways significant, and to impose a waiting period not to exceed ninety (90) days in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes section 29-406(b) so that consideration may be given to the documentation and preservation of historical, architectural, or culturally significant buildings in the Town of Wilton. 

The Historic District and Historic Properties Commission reviews requests for demolition of any structures or part thereof larger than 500 square feet and over 50 years of age, whether or not they are located in an Historic District.  If the structure is deemed of historic, architectural, or cultural interest, the Commission may request a demolition delay of 90 days. This gives an opportunity for anyone interested in salvaging the building or architectural details to negotiate with the owner.  This ordinance does not prevent demolition, it simply delays it, allowing a possible rescue. This ordinance has enabled antique buildings to be moved to other locations, or dismantled and rebuilt as part of a renovation, thus reusing and repurposing these historic structures.

A Demolition Permit Application may be obtained by contacting the Town of Wilton, Building Department at (203) 563-0177.