FAQ-Where's My Carrier's Cell Tower?

Residents often ask, "Where's my carrier's cell tower?" or "What carrier is located in Wilton Center?".  Answers are available online though the State's data center.

As of July 23rd, within the center area, ATT is on the tower at 287 Danbury Road owned by Eversource at 128 feet high.  T-Mobile is on the tower at the railroad station owned by Eversource at 119 feet high.  Verizon is south of the center on a pole that they own on the roof of 187 Danbury Road at 69 feet high.   Sprint is north of the center on a pole owned by a private citizen at  24 1/2 Richdale Dr at 67 feet high.  All four carriers are on the tower on Fernwood Lane

Other tower locations for Wilton and CT municipalities can be found on this link:  https://data.ct.gov/Government/Telecommunications-Towers-and-Antennas/n7...