July 1, 2022 Tax Bill Information

July 1 tax bills are now viewable online and should begin to arrive in mailboxes.  Taxes are assessed based on values as of October 1, 2021 and the 28.2289 mill rate adopted at the recent Annual Town Meeting in May.  The mill rate represented an increase of 1.293%.

When you review your bill, you will notice a significant increase in your motor vehicle assessment from last year.  As you may have followed in the news or experienced yourself when buying a used motor vehicle in 2021, values increased significantly with the pandemic.  Wilton’s total motor vehicle grand list increased by 25.7%.  The amount of increase for other municipalities is available here. Another municipality compiled news articles on this topic.  

Motor vehicle assessments, per Connecticut State Statute 12-71d are determined at 70% of clean (average) retail value, not trade in or private sale values.  The State Office of Policy and Management directs the usage of NADA guides to obtain value and provides the amount to each municipality. As such, your motor vehicle’s assessed value isn’t adjusted for your individual vehicle’s condition or mileage. Per Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 12-11, motor vehicle assessments may be appealed to the Board of Assessment Appeals at hearings in September.  Hearings for real property assessments were held this past March. 

1st Installment Real Estate, Personal Property, and Motor Vehicle tax bills are due and payable beginning July 1, 2022 and accepted without interest if paid on or before August 1, 2022.  Taxes may be paid online, in person or by mail. If paid online through your bank, rather than using the Town’s online portal, please include the tax bill number for easy identification of your payment.  If paid by mail, please note the mailing address and the last day for postmarking of August 1, 2022. If mailing close to August 1st, please make sure to take the envelope into the Post Office for postmarking.

Per Connecticut State Statute, delinquent taxes are subject to interest at a rate of 18% per year.