Unauthorized Clearing in Bradley Park and Other Town Parks

Over the past two years, individuals have created and marked “rogue” trails in town-owned or managed parks, particularly in Bradley Park. The unauthorized work has resulted in the degradation of the natural areas within the park including, soil compaction and erosion, loss of habitat for native plants, and forest-block fragmentation that displaces wildlife.  Environmental Affairs staff have attempted to close these “rouge trails” using natural forest litter and informational signage.  

Unfortunately, the department’s habitat restoration efforts have been met with resistance from certain members of the public who repeatedly destroy the restoration efforts and remove informational signage.  Those working against the Town’s efforts are degrading the natural environment within the park.  

Please join us in ensuring Bradley and other parks continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.  Please follow the posted signage within the park and stay within the official trail system.  If you discover destruction, please snap a photo and report it on SeeClickFix.  

We hope a shared sense of stewardship will allow the Town to avoid more costly and invasive options to protect the environment of the park.  Information on park trails, including mapping, is available here.