Current and Upcoming Public Hearings

Application materials relating to matters before the Inland Wetlands Commission that require a public hearing may be viewed by opening the appropriate link(s) listed below.  Documents include application forms, plans and studies submitted by the applicant along with any plans and reports produced by Town departments.  Materials, including correspondence from the public, proof of mailings, notices, or other administrative materials are not available for electronic viewing; but may be inspected in person by visiting the Environmental Affairs Department during business hours.  Web-hosted information does not include non-public hearing matters such as site development plan applications, inter-agency referrals or other administrative functions.  The Inland Wetlands Department makes every effort to update application materials in a timely manner. 

The Environmental Affairs Department is located at Wilton Town Hall-Town Annex, 238 Danbury Road, Wilton, CT.  Business hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00 am- 4:00 pm.  The department can be reached at (203) 563-0180.

WET #AddressDescriptionDocuments
WET#2714141 Danbury RoadProposed Apartment BuildingFile Contents 
WET#2724863-875 Danbury RoadCommercial DevelopmentFile Contents 
WET#272527 Arrowhead RoadEmergency Septic ReplacementFile Contents 
Cease & Desist49 Rivergate DriveRemoval of Trees and DumpingFile Contents 
WET#273281 Glen Hill RoadEmergency Septic ReplacementFile Contents 
Cease & Desist85 Old DriftwayRemoval of Trees and Placement of FillFile Contents 
WET#273655 Hickory Hill RoadProposed Single-Family ResidenceFile Contents 
Cease & Desist20 Cheese Spring RoadRemoval of Trees and UnderstoryCease & Desist Order (09-29-2021) 
WET#2744200 Mill Road, New CanaanProposed Garage & Covered WalkApplication Documents (10-12-2021) 
WET#274744 Berch CourtProposed In-Ground Swimming PoolApplication Documents (10-18-2021)