Emergency Contact Program

The Wilton Emergency Contact Registration Program registers emergency contact information for residents who are seniors, living alone, disabled, or have special needs. This information may be used in case of a town-wide emergency. This confidential information will be kept at the Social Services Department for quick retrieval if needed and will be accessed only for public safety purposes. The program is administered by the Social Services Department in cooperation with the Wilton Health Department.

Emergency contact information would be helpful in:

  1. Assisting public safety personnel, police, fire, rescue squad, and emergency management in locating residents that may need assistance during an emergency situation or evacuation. In an extreme situation, this information would enable safety personnel to reach out to those listed as emergency contacts.
  2. Permitting the Town of Wilton to be better aware of residents with special needs.

To register for the program, complete the Emergency Contact Registration Form and return the completed form to Sarah Heath, Director of Social Services Department, 180 School Road, Wilton, CT 06897. For more information on the program, please contact Sarah Heath at (203) 834-6238.

Please note we encourage all residents to prepare to shelter in their homes with appropriate emergency supplies. Refer to the Emergency Preparedness Guide for more information. If you are unable to access the guide on a computer or would like more detailed preparedness materials, please contact the Social Services Department at (203) 834-6238.