Conservation Commission

The Wilton Conservation Commission was established pursuant to Section 7-131a of the Connecticut General Statutes to organize, maintain, and direct conservation activities for the Town of Wilton for the following purposes:

  1. To constitute a Conservation Commission within the meaning of Section 7-131a and to have all the rights and powers conferred upon it by such statute.
  2. To guide the development and conservation of the natural resources within the Town of Wilton.
  3. To propose, manage and maintain or provide for the maintenance of open-space lands and lands devoted to non-intensive use, owned by the Town of Wilton.
  4. To manage any privately owned property permanently dedicated to the conservation and non-intensive recreational uses of residents of the Town of Wilton.
  5. To be an advisory and consulting body to private individuals and private and public groups on issues involved with the environment, conservation and land use.
  6. To develop and sponsor educational programs promoting sound environmental practices.

The Commission functions as an advisory board to the Planning & Zoning Commission and Inland Wetlands Commission. The Commission is comprised of seven members who serve in three year terms.

Commission Members

Name Title
Jackie Algon Member
Dave Cote Member
Kimberley Healy Member
Jeff Lapnow Member
Phil Murphy Member
Colleen O'Brien Member
Frank Simone Member