Village District Design Advisory Committee / Architectural Review Board

The Village District Design Advisory Committee (VDDAC) and the Architectural Review Board (ARB) is charged with providing expert architectural guidance to applicants and design recommendations to the Planning and Zoning Commission in the review of certain commercial and non-commercial development applications.  Consisting of five members, the entity functions as a combined panel that serves in two distinct capacities depending on the nature and location of the proposal.  The panel serves in an advisory capacity only.

When functioning as the VDDAC, the panel reviews development proposals that are situated in geographic locations known as “Village Districts”.  Village Districts are neighborhoods of distinctive character, unifying architectural interest, and/or historic value and, at present, include Wilton Center and commercially-zoned sections of Cannondale.  Review authority extends to new construction, substantial reconstruction and rehabilitation of properties; including but not limited to, the design and placement of buildings, the maintenance of public views, the design, paving materials and placement of public roadways, signage and other elements that maintain and protect the unique character of the designated village districts.

Serving as the Town’s ARB, the panel is responsible for the review of special permit and site plan applications involving new construction, significant site and exterior and/or facade alterations for properties that are NOT part of a designated village district.  Review procedures apply when proposals involve properties that are:

• Located in Multi-Family Residential Districts (DRD, THRD, CRA-10, MFAAHD);

• Located in Business Districts (DRB, GB) or Design Enterprise Districts (DE-10 and DE-5);

• Located in Residential Districts (R-1A and R-2A) involving Special Permit Uses or requiring a Special Permit or Site Plan approval under Sections 29-5.A.3 (Special Permit Uses), 29-5.A.7 (SFAAHD), 29-4.D.6 (Assisted Living Facilities) or 29-5.E (HODD).  Note, requirement does not apply to property used for single-family residential purposes;

• Filed pursuant to Section 29-5.C.6 (Adaptive Use); or made pursuant to Section 29-5.C.8 (Historically/Architecturally Significant Buildings); or

• Involve the installation of signage in excess of 10 square feet.

The VDDAC/ARB’s overarching mission is to work with applicants in a constructive and collaborative manner so as to foster successful design outcomes that are appropriate to and representative of Wilton’s unique character.  Please refer to the Zoning Regulations of the Town of Wilton for further detail and guidance.

Committee Members

Name Title
Robert Sanders Chairman
Sam Gardner Vice Chairman
Laura Noble Perese Secretary
John Doyle Member
Kevin Quinlan Member