Trail Maps

Ambler Farm22 Acres
Belknap Preserve37 Acres
Bradley Park82.6 Acres
Cherry Lane Park (Dogs on Leash Only)50.5 Acres
Grassi Property (No dogs)71.0 Acres
Gregg Preserve*74.5 Acres
Harrison Smith Preserve*23 Acres
Honey Hill Nature Preserve37.5 Acres
Horseshoe Park8.8 Acres
Marble/Van Haelwyn-RichardsPreserve*44.5 Acres
Norwalk River Parks and Fields

33 Acres

Olmstead Hill Farm Fields (No dogs, no bikes)50 Acres
Quarry Head State Park33.7 Acres
Sackett Preserve33 Acres
Schenck's Island (Dogs on Leash Only)17.4 Acres
Spencer-Rice Preserve16 Acres

Stonebridge Wild Fowl Sanctuary

20 Acres
Town Forest (Dogs on Leash Only)190.8 Acres
Vista Road Property36 Acres

Weir Farm

60 Acres

Weir Preserve

110 Acres
Wild Duck Reserve16 Acres
Woodcock Nature Center146 Acres

Olmstead Hill Farm Fields are privately-owned by the Black Family. The family has granted an easement for public use of a walking trail that is clearly marked.  As this is a working farm with animals, please keep the gates closed and keep dogs and bikes at home.  Stay on the marked trail.

Effective April 10, 2020, Weir Farm National Historic Site will be closed to the public until further notice.  Closure applies to trails, park grounds, and parking areas.

*Wilton Land Conservation Trust Property

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