Community News

Update-July Tax Bill Payments

The following is an update on our investigation into inquiries from residents who received notices from the Tax Collector which indicated... more ››

Property Tax Delinquencies-Statewide Problem

Wilton, like many towns across the State, has a higher than usual number of delinquent taxpayers.  As delinquency notices were received by... more ››

Update-Track and Field Restoration

I am pleased to share that the responsiveness of the outside professionals who consulted on and installed the two turf fields and... more ››

Interim Update-Stadium Track and Turf Fields

The following is an interim update on the progress of the evaluation and restoration of the WHS Stadium track and Stadium and Lilly turf... more ››

Closing Updates-Merwin Meadows Pond, Stadium and Lilly Turf Fields and Stadium Track

Due to storm runoff, Merwin Meadows pond is closed to swimming through September 7th, as a precautionary measure.  The Stadium track will... more ››

Update on Overnight Damage to Wilton Parks, Fields and Trails

Last night’s storm brought flood and mud damage to parks, fields and trails.  All playing fields are closed for damage assessment.  Among... more ››

Tropical Storm Henri and Power Loss Reminders

As of 11:00 a.m. today, Tropical Storm Henri is expected to make landfall in Madison, CT on Sunday between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m.

FY2021 Wrap Up

During FY2021, we faced many challenges.  Community members, town and school leadership and staff all worked collaboratively to meet those... more ››

Expanded Town Campus Building and Service Access

Effective June 2nd, service delivery options for departments located in buildings on the Town Campus are being expanded to allow in-person... more ››

The 411 on Wilton Roads-2021 Update

Residents often inquire about responsibility for the land adjacent to town roads.  There is a common misunderstanding that the Town owns... more ››

Update-Great Wilton and State Reported Data

Today CT DPH reported the following, which continues to demonstrate favorable conditions in Wilton and Connecticut:Wilton... more ››

Revised Mask Wearing Order, Executive Orders 12A and 12B, & Color Coded No More!

Today, the Governor replaced Tuesday’s mask/face cover wearing Executive Order 12 with ... more ››

Information on Mask Requirements from Governor Lamont

This evening, the Governor's office released the information below regarding mask requirements as of May 19th.  Once the actual executive... more ››

2021 Annual Town Meeting Results

Update-Bonding Referendums, Inland Wetland Fee Reduction, Paving Status, Extended Emergency Powers, Expanded Eligibility, COVID Status

May 12th-With the FY2022 proposed budget appearing to be sailing through, you might be thinking you don’t need to bother voting on Saturday... more ››

Unauthorized Clearing in Bradley Park and Other Town Parks

Over the past two years, individuals have created and marked “rogue” trails in town-owned or managed parks, particularly in Bradley Park.

Update-New Outdoor Mask Guidance, New Tax Collector, Merwin Meadows Dam, Absentee Ballots & Case Data

April 28th- Yesterday, the CDC issued new guidance on outdoor mask wearing for fully vaccinated residents.  Fully... more ››