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Coronavirus Update-Sad News, Showing Gratitude, Case Data

March 26th- I am very saddened to share that two elderly Wilton residents, who tested positive with Coronavirus, have passed away.  I know... more ››

Coronavirus Update-Preparedness, Case Data, Car Thefts, Small Business Loans

As the virus continues to rapidly spread throughout Wilton, the State and the greater New York City area, if you haven’t already done so,... more ››

Coronavirus Update-Cases, Senior Tax Relief and Emergency Responders

March 24th-Today, the number of positive cases in CT grew by approximately 50%.  Further evidence of why we all must behave as if... more ››

Coronavirus Update-Rapid Spread Continues, Social Distance, Volunteering, School Closing Extension

March 23rd-The rapid spread of the virus has not slowed and will continue. Statewide, Connecticut is experiencing a positive test rate of... more ››

Coronavirus Update-Essential Businesses, Medical Volunteers, Alternate Trails, Governor’s Alert

March 22th-The CT Department of Public Health released today's updated ... more ››

Coronavirus Update-Cases, Testing, Businesses & Employees

March 21st-Many of you have been reaching out asking about the number of coronavirus cases in Wilton.

Hours Reductions-Town Hall and Annex

Effective Monday, March 23rd and until further notice, hours for dropbox service for Town Hall and Annex departments are reduced.  

Coronavirus Update-Moved To A New Phase

March 20th -  Based on information we have received, we have now moved to a new phase in which you have no choice but to assume you... more ››

Coronavirus Update-Behave As If You Have The Virus

March 19th – The number of cases of coronavirus in CT increased to 159, with 102 cases in Fairfield County.  Unfortunately, three cases,... more ››

Executive Order #2-Nail and Hair Salons and Barbers Ordered Closed

In an effort to further mitigate exposure to COVID-19, today First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice executed Executive Order #2.

Coronavirus Update-March 18th

March 18th – The number of cases of coronavirus in CT increased to 96, with 69 cases in Fairfield County.  Unfortunately, an elderly... more ››

Transfer Station Changes and Restrictions

Due to concerns about potential restrictions or suspensions by our contractors and to ensure employee safety and the safety of the... more ››

Coronavirus Update-Executive Order and More

March 17th- The number of coronavirus cases in CT increased to 68, with 48 of those in Fairfield County.  Several of those are related to a... more ››

Declaration of Local Civil Preparedness Emergency

March 16th 6:30pm--Declaration of Local Civil Preparedness Emergency as executed by First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice

Coronavirus Update-Declaration of Local Civil Preparedness Emergency and More

March 16th – The number of cases of coronavirus in CT increased to 41, with 29 cases in Fairfield County alone.  These numbers are expected... more ››

Coronavirus Update-Take Responsibility & Additional Closings

March 15th-We are in a national state of emergency with the number of coronavirus cases increasing daily across the... more ››

CT Coronavirus Cases Almost Double Overnight-Practice Social Distancing

March 14th- Please respect and follow our Health Director's... more ››

Visit Town of Wilton's Virtual Town Hall

The Town of Wilton website serves as a virtual Town Hall allowing residents to complete some transactions online and provides instructions... more ››

EOC Opening and Change in Public Access to Town Campus Buildings

March 12th:  In response to the issues surrounding the coronavirus, Chief of Police and Emergency Management Director John Lynch has opened... more ››