Human Resources Department

It is the Human Resources, Labor Relations, and Administrative Services Department's primary goal to deliver the highest quality municipal services possible at a cost level acceptable to the Town residents and to provide a work environment that challenges and inspires its employees to excel and achieve professional growth.

To reach this goal, the Department strives to ensure that the Town of Wilton has the manpower and material resources it needs to provide a sophisticated level of services responsive to the needs of the residents it serves. The Department seeks to recruit, hire, and retain talented, reliable, and competent personnel who understand the importance of their role in protecting the economic and social interests of the Town's residents.

The Department also endeavors to institute organizational and communications systems to achieve a work environment that maximizes the efficiency and productivity of the employees it hires. Finally, the Department manages certain purchasing and administrative functions to provide the employees with the tools and systems they need to execute their responsibilities as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Listed here are some of the core responsibilities of the Department.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Sarah Taffel Director, Human Resources, Labor Relations & Administrative Services