Tree Committee

The Tree Committee was founded in 2008 to focus on protecting, preserving, and maintaining trees on public property.

The Tree Committee's goals are:

  1. Implement the Wilton Tree Center Plan (March 2008 and any subsequent revisions) and expand it, as appropriate, to focus on other areas of the town.
  2. Educate the community about the economic and environmental benefits of trees and the many ways that trees improve the quality of life in Wilton.
  3. Develop partnerships with neighboring municipalities, local nonprofits and private property owners to achieve these goals

The Committee is comprised of seven members who serve in three year terms.

Committee Members

Name Title
Jackie Algon Member
Susan DiLoreto Member
Wayne Gura Member
Suzanne Knutson Member
Scott MacQuarrie Member
Margaret Van Acker Member
Kimberley Young Member

Tree Wardens


Tree Warden

Deputy Tree Warden