Parks & Recreation Commission

The Parks and Recreation Commission was established to organize, maintain and direct the Parks and Recreation Department of the Town of Wilton for the following purposes:

  1. To operate parks and recreational activities within the Town.
  2. To promote, provide and conduct recreational programs that will afford residents of Wilton constructive and wholesome enjoyment.
  3. To promote and provide programs of entertainment and cultural interest for residents of Wilton.
  4. To propose, manage and maintain or provide for the maintenance of intensive-use lands and parks owned by the Town of Wilton.
  5. To manage any privately owned property permanently dedicated to the general park and recreational use of residents of the Town of Wilton.
  6. To recommend capital and nonrecurring expenditures from any park and recreation capital and nonrecurring expense fund established by the Town of Wilton.

The Commission is comprised of five members who serve in four year terms.

Commission Members

Name Title
John Macken Member