Transfer Station

Wilton residents with a Transfer Station vehicle permit sticker and required tickets may bring household waste and recyclables to the Transfer Station. The Transfer Station also accepts other waste streams (e.g., bulky waste, construction debris, scrap metal, and electronics waste) some of which also require tickets.

The Transfer Station does NOT accept hazardous waste, waste oil, propane tanks, paint, grass clippings, leaves, trees, logs, storm debris, woodchips, or any type of earth material (e.g., fill).  The Transfer Station will only accept material that originates from residential properties in the Town of Wilton.

Please refer to these resources for more information on:

  • Transfer Station Guide provides information about acceptable waste streams and tickets.
  • Recycling in Wilton, CT provides information on how to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  • Composting: A Practice that Does Not Stink provides a 'How To' on composting at home. Note: The Town of Wilton is not endorsing any particular curbside composting company. The name of a company in this   video is merely offered as an example and convenience to residents.


If you wish to provide feedback on Wilton’s waste and recycling programs or about the performance of licensed haulers, you may send an email to or call (203) 563-0152.