• Following our 2017 solicitation of proposals, the Town had both Miller Driscoll School and Middlebrook School equipped with state of the art solar systems (click here for photos).  Each system is rated at 0.25 MW, supplying power to the schools at slightly more than 2 cents per kwhr.
  • The Wilton Energy Commission, in partnership with Wilton Go Green, is leading the charge to help Wilton to achieve the Sustainable CT Bronze Certification during the 2019 cycle.  We will be collaborating with many of the Boards and Committees in Wilton to achieve this goal.  Obtaining Bronze Status will demonstrate Wilton's commitment to be an early adopter of sustainability, will make residents more aware of initiatives and accomplishments that will enhance our environment and quality of life, and will grant Wilton eligibility for innovative project funding.
  • The WEC actively participated and strongly supported the Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) and their cross-functional Wilton Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) team in their effort to develop and flesh out the Wilton POCD plan in 2019.  Our focus was to identify and prioritize energy related areas where the Town of Wilton could reduce consumption, reduce costs, and improve our environmental footprint. 


  • During 2016 and 2017 the energy commission put out a request for proposals and selected a vendor that will own, install, and maintain solar panels at Miller-Driscoll, Middlebrook, as well as of now Wilton High School and Cider Mill. 


  • Kicked-off the Solarize Wilton campaign to have more or our residents become familiar  with the advantages of using solar power to offset both electricity costs, continue to reduce our carbon emissions and to avail themselves to the tax and investment incentives available through the Solarize CT prorgam.


  • ·The Wilton Energy Commission hosted the first Southwestern CT Energy workshop presented by Eversource in the Wilton Library (Sep. 3rd, 2015)
  •  Wilton received a CT Clean Communities grant of $4,500 for installing Renewable Energy systems.
  • Wilton received the second CT Clean Energy Communities "Bright Ideas" $10,000 grant for reduction of energy consumption from the CT Green Bank.
  • Commissioner Creeth initiated the effort to benchmark all Municipal and School buildings using the EPA Portfolio Manager program.
  • Wilton was recognized at the January "CT Live Green" Press Conference with tan  Energy Conservation Award  based on Richard Creech’s study of the Wilton High School renovation that significantly reduced energy consumption


  • The Energy Commission was a consultant to the Municipal & Yankee Gas team that resulted in Wilton being the first Municipality to receive Natural Gas under Governor Malloy's Comprehensive Energy Plan.
  • Performed Energy Benchmarking of Wilton Municipal and School Buildings with a Norwalk Community College intern under the DEEP intern program
  • Contract was signed for Electric Vehicle Charging Station at the Comstock Community Center using the $10,000 award from Wilton's success with the Neighbor-to-Neighbor Energy Challenge
  • Provided the Board of Selectmen with analysis of Energy & Cost savings if the Town and Schools converted to Natural Gas in lieu of oil.
  • Commission chair appointed to search committee for a Director of Facilities and Energy Management (a major goal of the WEC)


  • Placed 3rd out of 14 municipalities in the Neighbor-to-Neighbor Energy Challenge to save energy Community wide
  • Received $10,000 “Bright Ideas Grant” for Energy conservation and used it in 2014 to insulate the historic "Yellow House" at Ambler Farm
  • Introduced C-PACE to major Wilton Commercial Property Owners in Wilton at special Breakfast Meeting
  • Evaluated Fuel Cells to provide electric power and hot water to a variety of Wilton School and Municipal Buildings when Natural Gas becomes available.
  • Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE):  Evaluated this new program of the CT Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority, (CEFIA).  BOS approved participation.
  • Evaluated equipment and ROI for the conversion of boilers to natural gas at Comstock Community Center.


  • Assisted the Library's acquisition and installation of the first Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Wilton
  • Completed a Comprehensive Wilton Energy Management Plan with the assistance of the Energy Services firm, Strategic Building Solutions.


  • Inaugurated the installation of a 20 KW solar system on the roof of the High School (click here for photo).  Five (5) Kw were funded by the CT Clean Energy fund and 15 Kw was donated by Ron French, President of Alteris Renewables and former Wilton resident, as a memory to his late wife.

20 KW Installation on Wilton High School Roof (2011)
20 KW Installation on Wilton High School Roof (2011)

  • Completed energy audits and energy efficiency upgrades under the CT Energy Efficiency Fund / CL&P “Small Business Energy Advantage Program which provided grants based on electrical energy saved and a $100,000 interest free loan for each project.


  • Reached agreement with Board of Selectmen in January 2009 that all Wilton Building Committees will include an Energy Commission Member to insure that Energy Efficiency is a major design element. 
  • Insured that Wilton was selected as a participant in the CT Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge.  Wilton achieved 2nd place of 14 communities in achieving the stated goals of the program.
  • Managed the Federal Grant of $76,295 for energy efficiency measures.  Identified and implemented measures to reduce energy consumption


  • Supported the creation of  Wilton Go-Green and the Wilton Go-Green Festivals


  • Initiated action that resulted in Wilton being  designated  as a “CT Clean Energy Community.” since 2008
  • Benchmarked all school and municipal buildings for energy use via the EPA Energy Star Portfolio Program
  • Advocated and guided the  “Relamping ”of  all municipal buildings using no interest financing from CL&P.


  • Supported the  “Relamping " of  schools throughout the district, reducing electricity costs by nearly $100,000