Coronavirus Update-FY2021 Budget, Winners, Shop Local/Win Local & Case Data

May 31st -Tomorrow night, the Board of Finance will meet to set the FY2021 budget and the FY2021 mill rate.  During the last 7+ weeks, the Boards of Selectmen, Education and Finance worked collaboratively to develop the proposed budget.  We were mindful of the many uncertainties in the upcoming year.  The budget includes $3 million in reserves or $1.8 million more than in the current year budget.  These reserves allow the budget to be flexible and responsive to what we might encounter during FY2021. Collaboration between these three boards is unique to Wilton.  Wilton residents should feel confident in the process and the proposed budget. 

Eat Local, Win Local ended on Saturday with our final winners: Karen Earls, Lisa Flanagan, Kim Hall and Libby Sauter.  My assistant Jackie will contact you.  Thank you to everyone who supported our Wilton restaurants over the last 5 weeks.  We hope you will continue to do so.

Today we begin Shop Local, Win Local.  The program operates in the same manner. When you spend at least $15 at a Wilton retailer from June 1- June 28th, 2020, take a picture of your receipt or a selfie of you and your purchase and email to [email protected]. Please no more than one submission per day. There will be four winners drawn each week for a total of 16 winners. Shop Local, Win Local in Wilton winners will receive a $25 gift certificate to a Wilton retailer.  Funding for this program is through a donation.  

CT DPH reported there was an upload issue meaning today’s case and tests performed amounts are incomplete. With that noted, CT DPH reported 47 new cases in Fairfield County. Cases now total 15,549. Wilton remains at 201 cases. Fairfield County hospitalizations decreased by 13 to 163. Deaths in Fairfield County rose by 10 to 1,277.

Statewide, CT DPH reported 179 new cases for a total of 42,201 laboratory-confirmed cases, as of 8:30 p.m. yesterday. 234 cases have not yet been assigned to a municipality.  3,345 new tests were performed for a pandemic-to-date total of 250,046 in Connecticut.  Statewide deaths rose by 32 to 3,944.  Statewide hospitalizations decreased by 52 patients to 481.

As previously shared, the decrease in hospitalizations is due to three reasons: discharged to home, relocated to another non-hospital facility or death of the patient. 

Out of respect for each other, as Americans that care for each other, we need to be wearing masks in public when we cannot social distance.”  Dr. Deborah Birx, Coronavirus Response Coordinator for the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

As always, if you have any questions, please email the appropriate town department or me at [email protected].

Thank you,

Lynne Vanderslice

First Selectwoman