Revised Mask Wearing Order, Executive Orders 12A and 12B, & Color Coded No More!

Today, the Governor replaced Tuesday’s mask/face cover wearing Executive Order 12 with Executive Order 12A.  The major changes between the two orders are:

  • The Commissioner of Public Health will issue rules for when/where universal mask wearing is required and will amend as appropriate.  The list had previously been included within EO 12.  Today’s published list is available here.  As expected, the list includes inside licensed childcare facilities, including youth camps and schools. 
  • Failure to wear a mask/face covering when required is subject to a $100 fine.

The Governor also issued Executive Order 12B, which among others, extends remote and hybrid meetings through June 30th and repeals a significant number of executive orders or sections therein. 

The Commissioner of Public Health issued guidance for residents on vaccinations and mask wearing and for businesses and event holders on large groups and mask wearing.  That guidance is available here.

Wilton is no longer a color-coded alert community.  Yeah!

As of Monday, Wilton’s vaccination rates for the entire population were:

  • First dose received:  68%
  • Fully vaccinated:  57%

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Lynne Vanderslice

First Selectwoman