Snow and Water Dangers

We are asking all residents of Wilton to please be mindful of two weather related dangers affecting our streets and sidewalks, and to take all responsible action:

1) Cleaning snow from sidewalks: There are lots of residents who have not cleared their sidewalks adjacent to their properties. We received a few SeeClicFix requests to address this issue. 

Per Chapter 11 of the Town Ordinance, owner of properties adjacent to the sidewalks shall remove snow and/or cover ice with suitable material within the first six hours of daylight following the accumulation snow/ice. 

There are many areas throughout town where sidewalks have not been cleared and/or ice has not been covered.  With more snow expected Friday 1/19/24, we encourage property owners to make appropriate arrangements.  Per Ordinance, fines may be levied, which we hope won't be necessary.

2) Water discharge onto roads. There are many areas in town where water is discharging from private property onto town roads. During the cold weather, this water freezes, causing hazardous ice conditions on the roadway.  We received a few SeeClicFix requests to address this issue.

According to the Residential Building Code Chapter 4 “Foundations” R401.3, (Drainage): “Surface drainage shall be diverted to a storm sewer conveyance or other approved point of collection that does not create a hazard.”  

Residents need to review these conditions from their property, and make the necessary modifications to their drainage system to prevent water from flowing onto the roadways. 

Thank you for your immediate attention to these issues.

Frank M. Smeriglio, PEDirector of Public Works/Town EngineerTown of Wilton238 Danbury RoadWilton, CT  06897203-563-0153